Tool steel for knife making

Forged tool steel hollow bars are manufactured by either forging over mandrel or by deep drilling of forging blanks and intended for manufacturing of rotary knives like metal slitter knives, side trimmer knives, multi-groove knives, anvils etc. We use the following steel grades: 1.2379 (D2), 1.2767, 1.2746 (TYPLEX type), 1.2390 (A18) A8, A9,H13M. Other grades are available upon request. Hollow bars are supplied with turned outer & inner surface to ensure near net shape and minimize machining cost at a customer . Minimum inside diameter of forged hollow bars is 200 mm. Minimum wall thickness is 60 mm .Maximum outside diameter is 680 mm. Length of bars is up to four meters.

We can also offer forged , all over machined rings from the above grades.
Maximum outside diameter is limited to 1200 mm.

As complementary product we offer hot rolled hollow bars (seamless steel tubes) in bearing grades 100Cr6/52100/GCr15.

Structural steel hollow bars in grades ST52 (DIN1629), E355 (DIN EN10297-1/EN 10294 -1), 1020, 1045 and 1518 (ASTM A519-06) are also available. Hot rolled hollow bars are supplied with outside diameter 89- 460 mm and wall thickness 8-70 mm; For manufacturers of straight knives for heavy duty applications like demolition, shredding ,recycling ,granulation etc. we offer forged, all over milled flat bars in grades 1.2379 (D2), 1.2767,1.2746 (TYPLEX type), 1.2390 (A18) 1.3343 (M2).

Sizes can vary in the range 30- 200 mm x 30-500 mm in random or fixed length. For other applications of knives-paper, printing, wood, plastic, tire etc. we could offer hot rolled flat bars in grades 1.2379(D2), A8mod.,S7,A9, 1.2363(A2), 1.2344(H13). These flats are available in sizes 8-90mm x 60-805mm and can be supplied either in black & sand blasted or in pre-machined condition.