Tool steel sheets & plates

We offer hot rolled sheets in grades 1.2379 (D2),1.3343 (M2) 1.2363 (A2),1.2510 (O1) in sizes 3- 10 mm x 650-800 mm x 1500-1800.

Cold rolled sheets in the above grades are available in sizes 2,0- 2,99 mm x 650-800 mm x 1500-1800 mm.

We also offer hot rolled plates in grades H13, S7,A8mod., 3150mod. in sizes 8-80 mm x 1000-2000 x 3000-5800 mm.

All sheets and plates are supplied in annealed condition, duly straightened and stress relieved.

As a complementary product we offer hot rolled structural steel plates in grades 4130,4140 , 4340 in sizes 8-120 mm x 1000-2000 mm x 3000-5800 mm, and stainless steel clad plates (to ASTM A263 / A264). Alloy cladding metal is austenitic or martensitic stainless steel. The base metal is carbon or low-alloy steel.

The ratio of cladding layer to base metal is 1:3 or less.